What is your favorite Sugar Mama Bakery treat?

"Oh my goodness! It is impossible to have a favorite because EVERYTHING IS SO YUMMY! Probably the Fruit delight cupcake at the moment."

Tell us about something that makes you happy.

"Hearing my daughter talk and laugh. It is the sweetest, most rewarding sound in the world."

What is your favorite thing to do on your time off?

"Craft and try new things I see on Pinterest whether they are art projects, sewing, recipes, etc."

What makes your job at the bakery sweet?

"Honestly, the people I work with. Susie and all the girls are incredible-that is probably the best part of the job. I love coming in and working with everyone because we truly are a family. It really isn’t work when you love what you do and are around friends. This was my first job when I moved to Normal 4 years ago. I absolutely love it here. I feel truly blessed to be apart of the Sugar Mama Team."