What is your favorite Sugar Mama Bakery treat?

"My favorite treat is definitely the gluten-free Big Mama. You can't even tell it's gluten free and it's so big, you have to save half of it to enjoy again later!"

Tell us about something that makes you happy.

"Something that makes me happy is my husband making my son laugh. I could just sit and watch them play all day."

What is your favorite thing to do on your time off?

"My favorite thing to do on my time off is to rent a Redbox movie and watch it while eating a brownie sundae. This happens about every weekend."

What makes your job at the bakery sweet?

"I love it when customers tell us how much they love their favorite cupcake or treat. It makes me proud that I had just a little part in

bringing joy to that person through something yummy!"

Anything else that were you wanting to share? 

"I'm gluten-free and Sugar Mama Bakery has the BEST gluten-free treats that I've EVER HAD."