Support Staff

Natalie is part of our support staff - she bakes, creates amazing royal iced cookies and we proudly use her artistic abilities all around the bakery!
What is your favorite Sugar Mama Bakery treat?

"So hard to decide - for breakfast I love our cinnamon rolls. My favorite pie would have to be cherry. I have seasonal favorite cupcakes: winter is Raspberry cheesecake, spring is anything lemon, summer is banana split, and fall is caramel pumpkin!"

Tell us about something that makes you happy.

"Being able to create someting beautiful makes me happy!"


What is your favorite thing to do on your time off?

 "I love to shop around downtown Bloomington and support local business.  I also love to paint in my free time!"

What makes your job at the bakery sweet?

"The close knit Family environment adn the support from the community has really made this job a dream!"