Who We Are

sugar mama bakeryWhere It All Began

Our journey began in 2011 in the humble confines of a church basement. At that point, Sugar Mama Bakery was baking up sweet goodies for customers by order only. Slowly but surely, we moved into the retail side of business by selling baked goods over counter in the church basement over the course of limited hours throughout the week. Word got around that our cupcakes were something worth searching for, so we decided we didn’t want our customers to have to hunt our products down anymore!


sugar mama bakery dessertsIn January of 2013, Sugar Mama Bakery was warmly welcomed to the Downtown Bloomington community and our first retail store was born. Business took off quickly, and just one year later we decided to open a second location in Uptown Normal.  2021 we proudly moved back to Downtown Bloomington!  

Where We Are Now

We are grateful that the foundation we have created in the business is fully embraced,  that foundation being Jesus, family, joy, and sweets. We want our customers to feel genuinely happy when they bite into one of our sweet treats, and we that that only happens when our items are baked with love and care - Food, Family and Fellowship!


We strive to make all of our creations individualized, so that each customer understands that we appreciate them as an individual customer and that their event is special and important to us. Sugar Mama Bakery has been an exciting success thus far, and we can’t wait to see where else the Lord takes us on this journey!